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On October 30, 2018, four plaintiffs filed a class action lawsuit claiming that they and thousands of others like them were deliberately defrauded into investing in American Communications Network (“ACN”) by Donald J. Trump, his three eldest children, and the corporation that bears their name.

The class action complaint details the Trumps’ fraudulent scheme to endorse and promote the ACN business opportunity. The Defendants used the Trump name and their family’s perceived success, bolstered through a prime-time television program, The Apprentice, to defraud vulnerable consumers looking to advance their own educations, start their own businesses, and pursue the American Dream.

Trump and the other Defendants lied about the nature of ACN business opportunity, lied about the nature of their own diligence, and hid the fact that they were being paid lavish sums in exchange for their fraudulent endorsement. The Trumps knew the vast majority of consumers would lose what they invested in ACN, but they promised consumers life-changing success anyway, as they raked in millions in secret payments. All of this knowingly and intentionally brought thousands of people to the table and convinced them to overcome their doubts and invest in the ACN business opportunity.

The Trumps conned the plaintiffs and class members out of hundreds or thousands of dollars each—losses that many experienced as devastating and life-altering. No doubt the Trumps dismissed these amounts (and the lives they wrecked) as trivial. But by defrauding so many for so long, the Trumps walked away with millions.

This case seeks to hold them to account, and to deliver justice for their victims.


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